I was born in Ourense in 1949, next to the Main Plaza, whose  magical  stone alleyways are  still deeply embedded in my memory. I remember painting and drawing earlier than any other memory, I think I always did it. As a child I loved to draw comics and to travel in a world created by myself, full of cowboys and horses, superman and detectives. There was no need for TV which, in any case, was not available in my town yet.

Attracted by the sea and by the need to engage in a remunerated job I joined the Merchant Navy. I sailed all over the world for 12 years reaching the Rank of Captain. It was a period that had a significant impact in my life; a whole new world to be discovered, new places, new people, I haven`t  stopped since.

At some point in time I decided to quit the sea and dedicate my life to Art, which I had wanted to do all my life anyway. With reasonable economic means, I went to London, after a brief sojourn in Madrid, and I enrolled in the old and prestigious Heatherly Art School, a private institution, to this day the only existing Art School that still teaches Art its own way rather than follow academic curriculums set up by ignorant authorities.

From there I moved to Chelsea School of Art (London University) where I graduated, degree and all like a proper conventional student.

From then on life took its course. I stayed in London, married, had children (4), I became involved in business, painting whenever it was possible. Years later I returned to Spain settling in Vigo and sorroundign area. Now I live in Tui, an old village that reminds me of my native Ourense….the feel and smell of old stones.

And that is the outline of  my life. The rest I try to put in my paintings.

In my painting I want to communicate to the viewer the idea that the world around us,from the monumental to the minuscule, holds the key to our understanding of the human condition. I seek to reach harmony between man and the universe, and I believe that such harmony can be found in everyday objects, in the most common of images,in the most menial tasks. And that is what I paint.